When You Win, We Win


Becoming a Landlord is something which can happen in a variety of ways. Of course, some people choose it as a way of earning their living, for others it might be an extra income or retirement fund. Sometimes people end up as ‘accidental’ landlords – maybe when they move in with a partner and rent out their home, or perhaps they have inherited a property which they can’t sell so they put tenants in to cover the mortgage.

Whatever the reason, being a Landlord is often more of a challenge than people consider. For a start, there is a lot of money involved – cash needs to be available daily for unexpected repairs or replacements. There’s longer term maintenance and bills to consider to, as well as the mortgage. All of that is manageable if tenants pay the rent in full each month, do not damage the property and if you don’t have rental voids. If any of these things do occur, your income can actually become an expense.

Disputes can easily begin between Landlords and Tenants, which is very stressful, time consuming and costly – particularly if it becomes a legal battle. It is easy to see therefore, why many Landlords become ‘tired’ of their role and decide to sell their property or properties. If you can relate to this, do not fear, we are here! We are experienced in purchasing all sizes of portfolios – from Landlords with a single house, to those with multiple properties.

At Faster Property Solutions we take care of all the paperwork so you don’t have to, we even pay all of the legal fees whilst ensuring you don’t pay any hidden costs. In just sixty seconds you could receive a quote for selling your property and then within just seven days the completion could be completed!