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Stopping repossessions for over 10 years

We are highly experienced in Stopping Repossessions and because of this we can Stop Repossession at any stage!

According to figures from the Ministry of Justice, 37,739 private and public sector tenants had their homes repossessed by court bailiffs in 2013,. The CML has forecast 37,000 repossessions for 2014. However, mortgage experts warned that if interest rates rise due to the recovery of Britain's economy, these numbers could start to climb again.

"94% of mortgage repossessions can be suspended. 94% of mortgage eviction warrants can be stopped."

If you are about to be Repossessed or if you have been served your Eviction Order, you can still get the money out of your property and Stop Repossession. Faster Property Solutions Can Stop The Repossession and Fast – Don’t Let Your House Be Repossessed by your Bank or Building society, they will auction your house for far less than it is worth. Call us now or fill in the call me back form on this page.

Repossession expert service

Are you worried about repossession? Would like to know what you can do to stop repossession? Are you in arrears with your mortgage provider or have you had letters threatening eviction? If so we will be able to help you and help fast. Even if you’ve been given notification of a court hearing or have been served with the eviction notice, it’s not too late to stop your home from being repossessed.

"Judges are keen to avoid repossession and will look for any excuse (valid reason) to help you and let you stay in your home."

What if you can't pay your arrears

If you cant pay your arrears, a court could give your lender the permission to evict you from your home via repossession (Your lender will sell the property). If the lender does not make enough from the sale to cover the money you owe on your mortgage, you will have to pay the difference (shortfall).

If you can’t find a way to clear up your arrears, it may be better to try and sell the property yourself and stop repossession, rather than wait to get evicted and let your mortgage lender sell your home. Houses that have been taken back from the owner (repossessed) often sell for a lot less. Also, lenders can sell at auctions where sale prices tend to be a lot lower.

You can receive a cash lump sum (you can exchange in 24 hours) you can then use this to pay off your mortgage, if you have additional funds you may also be able to use this to pay off other debts.