When You Win, We Win


When you need to sell your house fast due to financial difficulties we can help. We understand that waiting for a buyer through an estate agency can lead you deeper into debt with each passing day. That's why we offer a quick completion of just seven days that gives you the cash you need to pay off your creditors and start afresh.

With us you won't incur any extra charges as we understand you have enough payments to satisfy, that's why we pay your legal fees and even take care of the paperwork. With ten years of experience we have extensive knowledge of the housing market and use this to offer up to 100% of your property value.

Using a third party valuation team for your peace of mind, the institute of chartered surveyors, we can visit within twenty four hours allowing you to release yourself from the stress of debt within a week. If our service is too speedy for your situation we allow you to choose a completion date to suit your circumstances.

Known as the friendliest home buyers in the country we offer a completely non-judgemental service that is empathetic to your needs, we pride ourselves on bringing calm to the storm giving you a personal service that limits the stress you're under. When facing financial difficulties, sell your house to put you back in the black.